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Confronting Disorienting Change: A Roadmap to Find Our Way

Posted by Dan Petrocelli, Director of Counseling Services on Mar 31, 2020 11:29:41 AM

Hello from the Tabor Academy Counseling Service! It has been quite a stretch as we have all been adjusting to a very different way of life.

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Thriving through Self-Love and Gratitude

Posted by Amelia Wright, Faculty on Mar 9, 2020 4:15:24 PM

Excerpts of a Chapel Speech Delivered February 27, 2020

On May 28th of last year, my mind was spinning: I was about to teach my last class ever at Tabor, coordinating a coast-to-coast move to San Diego for a new job in biotech, and attempting to put on a brave face as I edged closer to the date when I would leave the place I’d called home for the past 6 years.

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Tips from Tabor to Take Charge of Exams

Mid-year exams are just a few weeks away, and it’s important to have a good study plan so you can come into the experience feeling confident and prepared. Leaving your study to the last minute or going into it without an organized plan of attack can make you feel unnecessarily anxious and overwhelmed. We want our students to take charge of their exam experience. What follows are some simple tips to employ (and pitfalls to avoid!) in order to make sure your exam prep helps you do your best work on exam day.

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Behind the Scenes with Costume Design

Posted by Izzy Cheney ’20, Log Staff Writer on Jan 29, 2020 2:24:25 PM

Towards the end of the fall trimester came preparations for this year’s Winter Musical, Mamma Mia!

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Meet Tabor Musician Felix Cutler

Posted by Tessa Mock ’21, Log Staff Writer on Jan 16, 2020 2:05:10 PM

By Tessa Mock ’21, Log Staff Writer

If you’ve ever been to an All School Meeting where Felix Cutler is playing one of his enchanting piano ballads of rap and pop songs, then I’m sure you understand why he is this month's featured musician in The Tabor Log.

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Diversity for Learning and our Brain’s Sake

Posted by Derek Krein, Dean of Professional and Programmatic Growth on Jan 15, 2020 1:14:52 PM

Just over three years ago, Tabor committed to resourcing its faculty with access to Mind-Brain Education (MBE) research to further inform our curricular and pedagogical choices, across all areas of school life.

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Musings from the GAINS 2020 Conference at UPENN

Posted by Grace Mead ’20 on Nov 22, 2019 1:07:30 PM

Wednesday the 13th, 2019 - Grace Mead

Tonight we arrived in Philly! We were met by the beautiful train station, then a blast of cold air.

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Celebrating our Veterans

Posted by Faculty Nate Meleo '95, Paul Salit, Dr. Karl Kistler on Nov 12, 2019 2:34:38 PM

In chapel, in celebration of Veterans Day this year, three faculty veterans shared their experiences in the military with our students in hopes of honoring those who have served and to raise awareness of the sacrifices they made to serve our country.

Mr. Nate Meleo ’95 opened with a brief history of Veterans Day and after welcomed the remarks of Mr. Paul Salit and Dr. Karl Kistler. Meleo later returned to the podium to share his own remarks and close out the service. 

Below are the remarks of Mr. Meleo and Dr. Kistler. Because Mr. Salit spoke from notes rather written remarks, we were unable to include his full remarks, though he echoed the themes of sacrifice and duty, respect and thanks for all our Veterans. Please enjoy the full remarks of Mr. Meleo and Dr. Kistler below.

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Humbled and Happy

Posted by Omar Kiwan ’20 on Nov 12, 2019 1:22:18 PM

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our annual service morning with Special Olympics MA. This was my 3rd such day at Tabor and I have come to really love them.

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Starting out Strong!

Posted by Eari Nakano ’20, Proctor on Aug 27, 2019 1:45:08 PM

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great summer vacation, and is ready to start out a great new school year.

I’m Eari Nakano ‘20 - a proctor at one of the dorms at Tabor. I want to say welcome to the new students and briefly introduce “dorm life” as well as the role of proctors.

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Baseball Spring Training Trip Log

Posted by Coach Kenny Ackerman on Mar 26, 2019 4:58:04 PM


Day 1-Thursday, March 14, 2019

We are tired! We left Marion this morning at 5:00am and it is now 10:00pm. In between those two times, we all made our flights, we lost a bat along the way, but was retrieved and handed to us just as we were pulling out of Orlando Int'l Airport. We drove for 30 minutes, stopped at Chipotle/Chik-Fil-A and had lunch, drove the remaining hour, arrived at 3:00pm, checked into our rooms, practiced at 4:00pm, had boxed dinners and changed into our game uniforms at 6:00pm, played our first game at 7:00pm in Holman Stadium vs. Loomis Chaffee School, returned to our rooms at 9:30pm, greeted by Mr. Heaslip with 10 pizzas...

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Reflections on Rysensteen (Tabor's Exchange in Copenhagen)

Recently Rick DaSilva ’89, Associate Director of the Center for International Students, along with faculty Wes and MacKenzie Chaput, Kelly and Nate Meleo ’95, and Bert Nascimento traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark with Tabor juniors and seniors for a week of home stays, site seeing, and classroom learning at Rysensteen Gymnasium.

Each day Rick prompted the students with questions about their visit to Denmark and here are some of their thoughts:

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