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Confronting Disorienting Change: A Roadmap to Find Our Way

Posted by Dan Petrocelli, Director of Counseling Services on Mar 31, 2020 11:29:41 AM

Hello from the Tabor Academy Counseling Service! It has been quite a stretch as we have all been adjusting to a very different way of life. With our online class schedule now underway, it felt like the right time to share some insight to begin confronting any challenges we might face along the way on this most unfamiliar journey together.

IMG_5366While change is certain to be a common occurrence throughout our lives, most of us are quite unfamiliar with change on the magnitude being provoked by this global pandemic. As I realized what was actually happening, I began to interact with countless people, from family & friends to complete strangers, and the one commonality that stood out above all the rest was the alarming experience of feeling “disoriented” from our life as it was.

So I did what I often do when life throws an abrupt change into my path. I stepped back, stopped, observed, and planned. Simple, right? I’ve done it countless times before, so what’s the big deal? The problem is, this was not the kind of change I, or any of us for that matter, are accustomed to. With that said, I knew that we needed to start somewhere. In consideration of all the new restrictions and limitations on our lives, the best place to begin was right within the isolation of our homes.

Here are 3 simple steps to creating a “roadmap” to reorient ourselves back onto a road of productive and satisfying progress:

  • SET GOALS: First, write down 3 short-term goals, and 3 long-term goals. These can be centered on the personal, academic, athletic, artistic, social, or health-related domains of your life. Then, map out the smaller daily steps that it will take to achieve these goals. These are called “process goals” and they represent the steps on the ladder to reach those “outcome goals” you originally set at the top.
  • CREATE ROUTINE: Many of us thrive within a consistent routine. Consistent daily structure will provide the necessary discipline needed to reach our goals and to regulate emotionally. Create a daily routine that will promote your well-being by maintaining a healthy pattern of sleep, wake-up routine/hygiene, getting dressed, nutrition, exercise, time outside, school work, relaxation, etc. Routine helps us maintain motivation.        
  • STAY CONNECTED: One of my greatest concerns during this time is the potential for increased isolation. At a time in your life when your peers are who you identify with the most, reach out and stay connected via video-conferencing or telephone. These “live” connections can be an effective way to continue to share and expand your reality and to continue being influenced by each others’ positive thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. Stay connected, not self-neglected!

These three foundational steps can help to get us reoriented while leading us on to meaningful growth and development. This is an opportune time to think about who it is that we really want to be and to create or recreate good habits that will lead to unshakable character development. Let’s be creative, dig deep, stay disciplined, and STAY CONNECTED to attack this challenge TOGETHER!


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