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Podcast Episode 3: What's it Like to Have a Roommate?

Posted by Laura Burgess on Mar 9, 2022 7:47:45 AM

Having a roommate is one of the most profound and unique experiences you can have at boarding school, and it teaches you things you never thought you would learn. Having a boarding school roommate challenges you in new ways, brings out your best, and teaches patience, resilience, and empathy. There can certainly be challenges in any roommate relationship, but most can be overcome with good communication and a little help from trusted adults on campus.

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Topics: Podcast, Transitions, dorm life, Boarding

Podcast Episode 2: Insights from a Student and Teacher on Transitioning to High School

Posted by Laura Burgess on Mar 3, 2022 1:44:58 PM

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you have done well in middle school, or you are the parent of someone who has! Transitioning to high school requires some slight modifications and a step above the habits that got you there. But you don’t have to know how to succeed in high school already, and you won’t be expected to figure it out by yourself.

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Topics: Student Life, Admissions, Podcast, Transitions

Podcast Episode 1: 3 Main Differences Between Middle School & High School

Posted by Laura Burgess on Feb 24, 2022 2:02:04 PM

The differences between middle school and high school might surprise you. 

The biggest part of our job in the admissions office at Tabor is to meet with families who are searching for the right high school. Although we represent a boarding school, our conversations with families about what the next step of their student’s educational journey might look like cover a range of topics because there are many factors to consider. One thing that many students wonder about as their middle school years draw to a close is, “What will high school actually be like?” Many of them have some expectations based on things they have heard from family friends or seen in movies. 

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Topics: Student Life, Admissions, Podcast, Transitions