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Empowering Conversations with Ms. Kaplan

Posted by Bridget Lattimer '16 on Dec 11, 2015 2:39:12 PM

This article originally appeared in Tabor's student newspaper, The Log.

Following Alexis Jones’ talk on campus, one of Tabor Academy's newest faculty members Emily Kaplan joined a group of students living in Baxter in a discussion about the feminism talk. Beginning with their feelings on the speech, the conversation quickly turned into much more. Topics such as gender, sexuality, feminism, race and diversity were brought to the table and, when it was time for everyone to go to study hall, the participants begged Ms. Kaplan to continue these talks.


Emily Kaplan has started "Kappy Talks," a forum to discuss topics like gender, sexuality, feminism and race.


The first official meeting started with each person talking about themselves for about 3 minutes. Within these few minutes, everyone really opened up to each other, sharing things about themselves that were very personal.  Meetings are now held on Sunday and Monday nights with a group ranging from 15-20 women and Ms. Kaplan says, “I would like to see the number rise.”  

So far, the meetings seem to have been very successful. Ms. Kaplan has heard nothing but positive feedback from those who have participated in them.  She believes that the topics that they discuss are commonly pushed aside and never addressed.  A student who has been to many of these “Kappy Talks” agreed and claims that she feels these talks create a “confidential place where everyone is comfortable with each other, trusting them with things we normally don’t speak up about in everyday conversation.”  She also continued, “It’s extremely eye-opening and I feel welcomed by every single girl in that room.”  She feels that the experience has been “empowering to know that here are other women out there that have my back through and through.”  

Ms. Kaplan hopes that these conversations have been a great learning experience for everyone involved and that the discussions continue to bring in new faces.

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