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Happy New Year from John Quirk

Posted by John Quirk on Jan 4, 2017 12:00:56 PM

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.52.23 AM.pngI have had so much on my mind these past months, across an incredible array of topics. Many of you have heard me talk about Tabor being “on the move.” It is, for sure, but it feels in some ways to me like the movement of a small planet within the much bigger context of a swirling solar system or galaxy. We’re going pretty quickly, that is, but we are part of other things, a larger system that is surely moving even and ever more quickly. This pace of our world in flux connotes uncertainty, and a breathless sense that things don’t quite add up. For some, it has led to a declaration that 2016 might have been one of the worst years ever! I can tell you, it’s not that way here at our school. We have challenges to face, and we will face them together in the year ahead. But the successes that have blessed us – this is what’s on my mind as I write.

A few weeks ago, I imagined for some guests at my house that I had been snooping around my Christmas tree, gleefully opening the presents of this year like some crazed 7 year old. In my stocking, an MIT-Lemelson grant to build a Seabot! Football and Cross Country Championships wrapped up together in a beautifully-bowed package! A REEF Program that’s even bigger than it looked in the ad! Could it be, peeking out from the corner of the wrapping, a whole set of great arts performances – the Dance Recital, the Laramie Project, the Winter Concert, Lessons and Carols! The amazing Class of 2017, just what I always wanted! Whoa…NO WAY…an invitation to join the Independent School League!! It is true that I, as Head of School, must somehow have landed on the “nice list,” and I’ve been very well-rewarded by the giver of gifts – these and so many others still to be unwrapped. I can’t quite tell when I shake this one. Could be clothes (ugh), OR it could be a Frozen Fenway Hockey Game! This one seems so big…maybe it’s a complete list of college acceptances! Please, please, please – let this be senior projects…and senior speeches…and tournament bids…and winter musicals…and 4s and 5s on APs! It was so fun borrowing those lights for the football field. Maybe we could have our own set?!

I realize this is a little corny, and I’ve certainly written for effect. In truth, however, it is how I see the school and the many gifts that surround us. Looking back – there is so much that has been realized this year, and for these things I am most grateful. Looking ahead – there is much yet to be revealed of gifts only imagined, and I’m grateful for the anticipation. Mostly, I’m grateful for this celebration that I call Tabor Academy, and for the good company with which to open our many presents.

My best wishes for a healthy, productive, fun and bountiful 2017!