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Enjoying Sabbatical

Posted by JJ Reydel, College Counselor on Apr 20, 2020 10:03:15 AM

After 20 years at Tabor, I applied for and received a two-trimester-long sabbatical to take place during the winter and spring semesters of this school year.  Sabbaticals are an opportunity to recharge and maybe tackle some tasks, projects, or ideas that teachers don’t typically have time for during the course of their work. It is a great opportunity and I had fun thinking about what I might take on.

IMG_1533As I planned out what I wanted to do, I settled on a few principles: traveling to bucket-list locations, doing research for my history courses in some key cities, catching up with old friends and relatives, and going to as many “events” (games, concerts, shows, art exhibits, etc.) that I could fit in. I also wanted to write about my experiences so I created a series of blogs so friends, family, colleagues, and students could share my adventures. Thus far I have been to New York City, New Zealand, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Zion National Park.

In hopes that you might enjoy my thoughts along the way, here is the link to my blog posts: https://www.blogger.com/profile/00480839672651864107   


JJ Reydel is a history teacher, college counselor, and an avid baseball fan and coach.



Topics: Global Citizens