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An Update from the College Counseling Office

Posted by Richard Roller on Jan 20, 2016 11:47:17 AM


college_counseling.jpgAgain this year, Early Decision and Early Action college admissions were popular choices for the Senior class. Between Early Decision Round I and the various Early Action options, 82% of the Class of 2016 (113 out of 137 students) filed one or more applications. With additional students applying Early Decision Round 2, about 85 % of the class will have applied under one or more early program.Decisions from these early applications have been arriving since just before Christmas. To date, of the 113 students who applied early, 71 have received one or more acceptance. This represents 63 % of those applying early and 53% of the class as a whole. Tabor’s seniors have fared very well in what has been a particularly competitive year, and with many decisions on early applications yet to be reported, our positive results will continue to grow.  

See Tabor's College Matriculation  List from 2012-2015For seniors not committed by an early admit, Regular Decision deadlines are upon us. The most common regular deadlines are January 1st and 15th and February 1st. Once all applications are filed and mid-year grades submitted, seniors enter a period of “watchful waiting” until decisions arrive beginning in mid-March.

For Juniors, Kick-Off Day was held immediately prior to Christmas break. Following our return from break, we have had one class meeting to discuss with students both their first individual college counseling session as well as how to conduct Level 1 research on the schools that will be on their initial working list. This week, we have begun our individual counseling appointments with students, and in a couple of weeks will begin our Preparing for College seminars.  These seminars will be held throughout the spring and are an opportunity to meet with juniors in a classroom setting to cover each step of the college process as it occurs.college_counseling_2.jpg

 We also spent time during our class meeting discussing the college program that will be offered for parents over Parents’ Weekend. The dates are Friday, February 19th and Saturday the 20th. We asked our students to join us in strongly encouraging all parents to attend.    

 We are very excited to be kicking the college process into high gear with the Class of 2017, and look forward to joining you and your sons and daughters for the journey that lies ahead. 

Learn More about Tabor's College Counseling Model  

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