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3 Reasons to Attend a Virtual Admissions Event This Summer

Posted by Laura Burgess on Jun 11, 2021 4:02:01 PM

The search for a private school should be an exciting, thoughtful, and fun journey for each student and their family and other trusted adults. The private school search and application process is most likely to be exciting, thoughtful, and fun when you are prepared! While looking at schools is an evaluative process on both sides, the goal is for each student to ultimately find the right fit. 

There are a few reasons why attending Tabor’s virtual admissions events this summer can elevate your private school search and application process. 


  1. Get a Head Start
    Attending virtual events this summer will help you get a head start on the process so that your private school search can be more focused when the next school year starts again. You will have already learned the fundamentals and gained insight into the student experience at your schools of interest, met students and admissions officers, and hopefully refined your
    search to schools that best suit your interests!  

  2. Visit Without Traveling
    Virtual events are a fantastic way to get a lot of information without the commitment of traveling to campus. This might allow you to investigate more schools than if you were investing the time in numerous campus visits. Through virtual events, you can complete your basic research so that when you do visit in-person, you can ask in-depth questions and add context to what you already learned about the school during your virtual visit.

    However, if you are comfortable traveling this summer, look into options for in-person tours at your schools of interest. In-person visits are also great opportunities to check out the local area. Our seaside home, the Town of Marion, MA is ready to welcome you to our scenic spots and local eateries. 

  3. No Pressure
    A virtual visit is a no-pressure environment where you can sit back, relax, and learn in the comfort of your home while you are still considering your options. You can just listen and observe if you want, or connect and engage if you prefer. It’s up to you to decide what your level of involvement is when you’re virtual. And, you can leave anytime if you decide the school isn’t right for you.

How do you get started? Visit the websites of various schools you are considering. Schools typically have their offerings listed on their admission pages.

A06I6068At Tabor Academy, we are offering two different types of virtual events alternating every Tuesday until the end of August. You can learn all of the fundamental information about Tabor without leaving your home during our Tabor 101 information sessions. Meet actual Tabor students at our Tabor 201 virtual student panels. Both events are designed to help you gain insight into independent boarding schools overall as well as Tabor specifically. And, our fun and informative virtual events aren’t our only options this summer. Pair them with an in-person tour, which we will begin offering on July 6! You can book your summer tour on the admissions calendar page of our website.

We are excited about the summer event schedule, and hope to see many of you online or on campus! 

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