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A Last Lesson for our Seniors

Posted by ksaltonstall on Apr 30, 2015 12:57:09 PM

Commencement services on May 26th will honor of the Class of 2015. We are fortunate to have two engaging speakers who are both successful and important social entrepreneurs. Like many of our students who are devoting more and more of their time to community engagement, these speakers have learned the right ways to best impact the course of people’s lives in lasting ways. It is going to be an inspiring series of talks: indeed, a last lesson from Tabor Academy for the Class of 2015.

christinewardWe are fortunate that Christine Ward, parent of Francesca Ward ’15 and Lulu Ward ’16, will speak at Baccalaureate. Tine was the Founder of The Darfur Project, an initiative connecting the financial community with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur and the surrounding areas. From 2007 to 2010 they provided over $17 million worth of medical support for the region. Seeking a longer-term solution to some of the worlds most pressing problems, Tine is now focusing her energies on a new project, ROCKFLOWER, a not-for-profit venture philanthropy fund investing in women in developing countries. By partnering with local community organizations and social impact strategists, ROCKFLOWER works to develop resourceful and practical solutions to improve and often rebuild the lives of women and girls. In their unique roles as mothers and providers, Tine says, women “discover innovative and adaptable solutions necessary to protect, educate and care for their children.” ROCKFLOWER believes this determination and resilience has enormous and far-reaching impact on communities as a whole.

Trav09_143 Headshot sweaterTravis Roy, a member of the Board of Trustees and a graduate of the Class of 1995, will be our Commencement speaker. Travis is the founder of the Travis Roy Foundation and in November, was awarded the Spirit of Courage Award by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for his work assisting people with spinal cord injuries. The Travis Roy Foundation has awarded over $6 million in equipment and research grants that directly impact quality of life. One of his annual fundraisers is the Travis Roy Cup - a much loved hockey game held each year between Tabor and St. Sebastian’s School. Travis also raises money for the Foundation through his motivational speeches at schools, businesses and organizations around the country. Any school would be honored to host a speaker with such courage and strength through adversity, and Travis’ record of accomplishment through service; but we are especially proud as he is one of our own, and we have seen firsthand how his words and actions inspire and empower others.

We are eager to share the work, inspiration and wisdom of Tine Ward and Travis Roy ’95 with the Class of 2015, and look forward to the pride and joy we will feel as we stand together as one Tabor community sending off our graduates to make their own indelible marks on our world.

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