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A Night with our Olympic Hopeful

Posted by ksaltonstall on Mar 30, 2015 2:50:31 PM

IMG_0363 The Press Box at Fenway Park

Our annual event in Boston was a tremendous success on March 26. Alumni, parents and friends were treated to the EMC Club at Fenway Park, with an extraordinary view of the historic field from on high. Event sponsors were given a VIP tour of the park, including the Green Monster Seats and the Press Box that included some really wonderful photos dating back from the beginning of the Red Sox Club.

All that would have been grand alone, but the venue, an iconic sporting mecca, was chosen to match the speaker’s topic, which made it all the more special. John Fish ’78 is the Chair of the Boston 2024 Committee, a group that is seeking to have Boston be the host city for the 2024 Summer Olympics, an event not held in America since Atlanta hosted in 1996. As always, Mr. Fish was eloquent.

IMG_0386 John Fish '78 addresses a record alumni audience

Whether or not you are for or against the Olympics coming to Boston, it was Mr. Fish’s passion and commitment that was so riveting. He has a grand vision, rooted in optimism, possibility, confidence and pride. A vision he feels holds tremendous and compelling opportunities for our country, for our state, for the city and community of Boston, right down to each one of us. His passion for the City of Boston and the community was palpable, and from the introductions shared by Carmine Martignetti ’71, Chair of Tabor’s Board of Trustees, his actions as a volunteer on many non-profit boards and particularly his advocacy for youth athletics in Boston speaks louder than his words. It was so exciting to witness his determination to bring this huge Olympic idea to life, to understand his level of commitment to the research required to putting forth an innovative plan, and his dedication to connecting people through conversation so that, whether or not the people decide to leap into this project, they are discussing what is possible and seeing Boston, and our role on the global stage in a new and more powerful light.

Mr. Fish’s talk was so empowering, and anyone present would recognize that his vision and subsequent actions are transferable to any major project people might hope to achieve together. It was a great example of Tabor’s mission in action: life-long learning, care and committed citizenship, personal responsibility, and a passion for the highest standards of achievement.

Again, whether or not you are in favor of his cause, John Fish reminded us about the power available to all of us through thinking and dreaming big, encouraging the powerful benefits of collaboration and creating high performing teams that share success, and perhaps most importantly, how we can look ahead to redefine an improved version of ourselves.

It was a powerful and inspiring evening indeed. Thank you, Mr. Fish! And thanks to the record numbers of alumni who joined us for our 2105 Boston Event!


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