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On the Eve of our Great Rivalry

Posted by ksaltonstall on Nov 6, 2014 11:53:56 AM


Tomorrow we leave at dawn heading north to Holderness School to continue our longstanding rivalry and defend the trophy. All fall our athletes have been preparing, and all week we have been getting in the spirit: Tomorrow is the big day.

A few emails crossed my desk this morning that I thought would be fun to share. One was from Head of School John Quirk, sending our athletes off with a story from The Iliad, the other was from Rob Hurd with the words to the Tabor fight song. Read on for some Tabor fun, and please plan to cheer us on tomorrow from wherever you are!

From John Quirk:

"Greetings, Sea Wolf Nation. It’s a big weekend of competition ahead of us with Holderness, nestled into two big weeks of plays, recitals and other performances. There’s lots going on, and lots of which to be proud!

Those who know me well, know I’m a huge sports fan and a bigger Tabor fan (of sports and whatever is going on at school…). Those who know me really well, know I am also a classics teacher. Attached find a little lesson from Homer – my small contribution to your life-long learning! It’s a good read, and you will always be bettered by being able to quote, in polite company, things like Book VII of The Iliad."

Cheer us on tomorrow from wherever you are with the Tabor Fight Song: with very clear instructions from Mr. Hurd to be sung loud and proud! Go Seawolves!

Seawolves, Seawolves, Mighty-Mighty Seawolves
words by Rob Hurd, Music by David Horne

Seawolves, Seawolves, mighty-mighty Seawolves,
rulers of the sea!
Driving down the field,
we will never yield
'til we bring opponents to their knees.

Seawolves, Seawolves, mighty-mighty Seawolves,
on to victory.
With all our might,
we will fight, fight, fight,
All-A-Taut-O we will ever be!

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