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Coming to Fruition

Posted by ksaltonstall on May 22, 2014 9:35:38 AM

We have been on quite a roll here at Tabor this past month as the year draws to a close next week. School ends on May 31, but the seniors graduate on Tuesday and they have been so busy getting in all their "lasts." The last games, concerts, tournaments, dance recital, madrigals concert, music recitals and, of course, Senior Projects really show off the talents our students have developed over their years at Tabor.

We have celebrated huge victories on the baseball and softball pitches this spring, some great comeback victories from our sailors who did not allow disappointment from losses in their usual venues hamper their quest for success in some new areas: that's called grit. We have witnessed incredible Senior Projects involving original choreography and composition, beautifully crafted and delicate ceramics, art that communicates complex emotions: that's called creativity. We have seen students work in our Marine Science Lab with our new oyster farm, already expanding the scope of opportunity those critters can bring our students through research: I'll call that curiosity and ingenuity. And finally, there have been students who have shared their passions with others: teaching less privileged students how to sing in a choir, or expanding our salt water tank in the Marine Science Center to include more of the corals students encounter when studying the coral reefs in the Caribbean: that's all about love, community, caring citizenship. In short, our mission.

It is such a privilege to be here to see the potential of our students blossom like spring flowers, to see our mission unfold for each individual student in so many various ways resulting in real accomplishment, leadership, skill and confidence.

David Bill asked his Daggett House boys this question for their evening "wall chat" recently, "If April showers, bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring." There was lots of sharing about the doldrums of winter ending and the promise of spring ahead, pretty girls in spring dresses, chances to pursue a new interest as school comes to a close. But reflecting on this question now: it seems to me, if our students are the May flowers that the toils of the winter season has sprung, then what they in turn bring to us is HOPE!

Godspeed Class of 2014! This class has carved a solid path, just as those before them have done. More alumni will follow, and the tradition, promise and mission of Tabor will live in each of them.






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